MTS Ltd is an Independent materials testing service providing laboratory and on-site testing to the Civil Engineering and Construction Industries. Established in 1993 MTS operates from a purpose built facility in Carlow town.

INAB accreditation was first awarded by the National Accreditation Board in October 2000 and each subsequent year the scope of accreditation has been extended.Please click the INAB icon to access our current Schedule of Accreditation

Our range of services includes: Site investigation, laboratory and field testing of soils, aggregates, bituminous and cement bound materials, road markings and other road materials.

Our Services

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  • Binder Affinity
  • Binder Content and Grading analysis
  • Binder Recovery and Penetration
  • Bulk Density
  • Determination of Voids
  • Dimensions
  • Hardness of Mastic Asphalt
  • Hot Sand Test
  • Max Density


  • Breaking Value
  • Distillation
  • Demulsibility
  • Efflux Determination
  • Particle Polarity
  • Penetration
  • Residue on Sieving
  • Softening point
  • Solubility
  • Viscosity
  • Water Content


  • Block Dimensions, Density and Strength
  • Curing, Density & Compressive strength of Concrete Cubes/Cores
  • Slump Testing


  • CBR(Static 2.5kg/ 4.5kg and vib. hammer)
  • 5 Point CBR/ OMC/MCV
  • Moisture Content
  • Moisture Condition Value
  • Particle Density
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Plasticity Index
  • Plastic Limit
  • Liquid Limit
  • Optimum Moisture Content
  • pH
  • Uniformity Coefficient


  • Aggregate Crushing Value
  • Aggregate Impact Value
  • Compaction Factor
  • Percentage Crushed and Broken Surfaces
  • Flakiness Index
  • Laboratory Reference Density and Water Content
  • Los Angeles Abrasion Value
  • Methylene Blue Value
  • Micro Deval
  • Particle Length
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Polished Stone Value
  • Shell Content
  • Shape Index
  • Magnesium Sulfate Soundness
  • Ten percent Fines Value
  • Uniformity Coefficient
  • Particle Density and Water Absorption
  • Water Content

On Site

  • CBR
  • Cube Making
  • Dynamic Probing (Borros)
  • In Situ Density - Core Cutter Method
  • Laying Records
  • Moisture Condition Value
  • Nuclear Density Gauge
  • On Site Sampling
  • Plate Bearing Test
  • Rolling Straight Edge
  • Sand Replacement Test
  • Skid / Slip Resistance (Pendulum)
  • Slump Test
  • Site Investigation / Trial pits
  • Texture Depths


Staff are drawn from the Faculties of Civil Engineering and the Sciences. Senior staff have been with the company since its foundation and have demonstrable expertise in Material Specifications and Test Methods required by the Irish, British and European standards

Managing Director - Michael Quinn

Michael has over 30 years experience in the Roads Construction Industry. This experience ranges from his early career with Dublin County Council where he lead the Materials laboratory team on the M50 Westlink Toll Bridge to the establishment of MTS Limited in 1993.
Michael is a former Chairman of the Institute of Asphalt Technology and is currently a member of the Aggregate expert panel of the NSAI.

Quality Manager - Ger Roche

Ger has over 20 years experience in all aspects of materials testing both in laboratory and on-site.Ger has managed large scale site laboratories and as Quality Manager ensures that laboratory processes are in accordance with the Quality Manual (INAB & EN17025 compliant).

Production Manager - Elsa Fitzpatrick

Elsa has over 20 years experience in materials testing and has an in-depth knowledge of material specifications and test requirements.
Elsa is responsible for organising work schedules and issuing of reports.


Over the last twenty years MTS is proud to have been engaged by leading public and private concerns in the Construction Industry Our Clients Include